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About us

Janak Hospital stands as the best health center of Gwalior

About us

Janak Hospital, established in 2000, is one of Gwalior's oldest healthcare institutes and has been serving its patients for over a couple of decades.

In 2020, Janak hospital in collaboration with a team of young doctors expanded its healthcare services by establishing a 40-bed renovated center with state of art facilities. Along with this the hospital also started a 16-bed advanced ICU under Shri MKV Healthcare Private Limited.

In 2021, we further expanded our services by launching another state-of-art 100-bed super-specialty center along with a completely newfangled 40-bed ICU.

We at Janak follow a patient-centric approach at all stages of treatment. We focus on making patient’s journey as seamless as possible. Medical staff at Janak consists of city’s best professionals who treat their patients with the utmost care and compassion.

In an era of scams and malpractices regarding the pricing in the medical field, Janak Hospital ensures a very clean and transparent system at every aspect of economic concern. It empowers the patients by giving them access to their pricing structure and helps them to understand why they are being charged for a particular amount of money.

With the approach of coordinated care, team work and advanced technological assistance under an accountable, credible and a visionary leadership, Janak Hospital stands as the best health center of Gwalior.